Introducing Our Services

When we work together, we will first be prioritizing the use of any beloved pieces that you already own, thereby creating a space more sentimental to you, cutting down on your overall spend on furniture & decor, and minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

Once we have placed all existing furniture & décor, we can then thoughtfully source for the remaining pieces to complete the look of your space, narrowing down your choices for each to a few select, quality items to prevent overwhelm, stress, and decision fatigue for you.  

Imagine If...

  • You felt calm and happy when you walked in the door to your beautiful home
  • You felt confident in your decisions about your home style and decor
  • You loved entertaining friends and family in your space
  • Your home met your needs and fully supported your lifestyle
Eleva Interiors can help you achieve this, here's how...


Senior Living Service

We provide pre-move guidance, including an on-site assessment at your current home to determine which pieces are best to move to your new community.

On move day, we will decorate your new space with your existing furniture & decor, so you arrive to a fully decorated home.

We help you feel comfortable and at home starting on Day One.

Staging Alternative

A Staging Alternative when you want to make your home more appealing for buyers to maximize price and value, but do not want to do full staging.

  • A day spent styling and decorating your home to optimize the layout of your space.
  • Minimize clutter to let your home shine for new buyers.
  • Depersonalize to help potential homeowners envision themselves living in the space.
  • Option to purchase soft furnishings and light decor to enhance the space further, all of which you can bring into your next home.

Design Day

Do you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have a home full of beloved items that you've curated over the years, but aren't sure how to make them "work" in your space? If so, this service is perfect for you. During your Design Day (DD), Eleva Interiors will be decorating with your existing furniture & decor to ensure you are optimizing use of what you currently own and the space that it lives.

One month prior to your Design Day, Eleva Interiors will begin sourcing for decor & accessories just for you, based on your responses to our Design Day survey and photos that you send us of your space. We will also print off personal photos of you and your loved ones, to frame and decorate with on your DD. The result is a home that feels special to you, and that you will love spending time in.

After your Design Day, you will have the option to hire Eleva Interiors to source new pieces for you, purchase a Shopping Plan, or continue your journey to a beautiful home on your own!

Sourcing for New Furniture & Decor

This service helps you find just the right furniture & decor to complete the overall look and feel of your space. We will carefully choose and present items and materials to you to reduce your overwhelm, save you time, and ensure you are making the right decisions when decorating your space.  We do all the heavy lifting so you don't have to!

  • Items chosen and presented to you to reduce overwhelm and save you time when completing your beautiful home.
  • PDF Moodboards created of each space to visualize how the pieces interact with each other.
  • Prevent overwhelm by having fabric and material choices reduced to a select few that will look fabulous in your space.
  • Measuring of all key elements - windows, flooring, existing furniture, etc. - to ensure the correct size item is purchased and installed.
  • Ordering of items to save you time and reduce errors when purchasing.
  • Tracking and communication with vendor on any items that are delayed or stuck in the supply chain.
  • Complete PDF report provided with order #s and date ordered for each item to keep you organized (bonus, this is a great report for insurance purposes!).

Design Consultation

This service is for the client who wants input on various design elements in their home. This service can include, but is not limited to:

  • Wall paint and wallpaper consultation: evaluating your space, light, setting, and mood when you want to choose wall paint color and wallpaper that will to act as the perfect backdrop for (or star of) your home.
  • Remodel finishes consultation: select beautiful hardware, countertops, backsplashes, flooring, and cabinet colors to create your dream kitchen or bathroom.
  • Samples acquired from vendors and presented in physical moodboards so you can visualize how each finish will look together.
  • Communication with your Architect, GC, Installer, and/or Painter on design elements to save you time and reduce errors in communication. Communication with GC and/or Architect to save you time and energy.
  • General consultation: virtual or in-person meeting to discuss general design concepts, e.g. how to optimize and make the best use of a space in your home, evaluate your shopping list of items to ensure they will help you achieve your vision for your home, discuss colors, textures, and patterns to help you hone in on what to shop for.