Curating Thoughtful Interiors in Harmony With The Planet

Our approach to decorating your home is both resourceful & refined: prioritizing, getting creative, and having fun with your existing furniture & decor.

Once existing pieces have been evaluated, we can then shop for remaining pieces thoughtfully and intentionally. The result is a sustainable ~ beautiful ~ sentimental home for you and your loved ones.

Who We Help

Selling Their Home

Seeking a staging alternative, using your existing furniture & decor, to highlight your home's potential


Recently moved, and you want help making your new space feel like your personal sanctuary


Desire guidance in transforming your space into a beautiful home that best supports your lifestyle

Seniors Downsizing

Want help creating a lovely new home that supports your lifestyle in a senior living community

Every week we work together with people like this to improve their home and their lives.

Create a Sanctuary

Customer testimonials

Real reviews from my recent clients

We moved a year ago and I decided to hire Laura to help us make our home a little bit more functional and beautiful for us. I had several ideas but didn't know if they were going to work out and Laura was great at discussing all of these ideas with us. I love that she tries to work as much as she can with what we already have and even on the Styling Day, she was able to make our place feel so much better! She really listened to what we wanted and gave us so many tips that I now feel like I can tackle most of the house by myself with a little bit of consultation from her (since I don't have an artistic eye line she does). The after visit summary she gave us was impressive, with many details! The other thing i really like is how flexible she is. With other designers everything seemed like a package and most of the package i didn't need. I would definitely recommend working with Laura, especially if you want the flexibility of having her just giving you tips or work more like a full package for some parts of the house only or any other combination of DIY+working with her. I would also recommend her if you want to keep most of your things (i am sure she is also great of you want to get rid of everything though). I will keep working with her to move this project forward!


San Francisco, CA

I reached out to Laura because I recently moved into a new home and needed help decorating. She decorated my living room, dining room, guest room, and rooftop patio using my existing stuff. I was so pleased with her work, not only did she create a layout that completely opened up the space to make it feel bigger, she also saved me a lot of money by using my existing furniture to decorate. Prior to hiring Laura, I had planned on purchasing another couch for my living room, because I assumed my current one didn't work for the new space, despite it being a beautiful couch. But Laura was able to determine a layout that worked with my current couch, while carving out a dedicated space for my dining room so that I can easily entertain. Now I don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a new couch! The same was true for my outdoor rug, I assumed I'd need to buy a larger one, but she arranged my furniture to create a more intimate space around my existing rug. My rooftop patio is now one of my favorite parts of my home thanks to her styling! When she was done working, she walked me through each space to share what remaining pieces I can purchase to add to the space. She shared sizing, options, ideas on colors / materials, etc. She does offer a service to source these items, but I prefer to do my own shopping, and our conversation was really helpful to be sure I was spending my $$ on the items that made the most sense for my home. I would definitely recommend working with her!


El Segundo

Laura was wonderful to work with, and gave us exactly what we needed for our new home. We recently moved into our first house, and have no idea how to make it feel and work like a home for our family. Our objective was to use as much of our existing furniture as possible, because they were special pieces both from family and what we'd discovered together. Laura came in and helped us tackle all of our design challenges, while minimizing the amount of new purchases we had to make. I'd highly recommend her, especially for new homeowners or couples that are lost with how to make a space work for them.


San Bruno

I recently purchased a new home and was excited to get started on making this home mine. Given that I have a very demanding, full-time job, I was overwhelmed with the daunting task of choosing paint colors and furniture for the entire home. In stepped Laura. From the moment we met, I knew she was just the designer I needed. Laura took the time to get to know me, my home, my likes and dislikes. She helped me choose just the perfect shades of color for my walls and carefully curated furniture that precisely reflected my style. She created at least a dozen mood boards to assist me in my decision making. She really hit it out of the park! She is extremely friendly, professional, knowledgeable and flexible. My friends and family love coming to my house. Most importantly, I love coming home every day thanks to Laura.


San Mateo

Laura completely transformed our home using so much of our existing decor and sentimental treasures I had no idea how or where to incorporate. For the pieces we needed, Laura sourced items from local sustainable businesses that also fit within our budget. Apart from being a talented designer, Laura is also an amazing human who’s extremely passionate and dedicated to her work. Highly recommend scheduling a call if you’re in the Bay Area :)


San Rafael

Examples of Styling with Existing Furniture & Decor


Restyling existing furniture & decor in this adorable apartment for two ladies in their late 20's

Maximizing use of client's furniture & decor to create this rooftop oasis in sunny Southern California

Maximizing use of the space and lovingly curated belongings in this sun-filled bachelor pad

Reconfiguring the layout in this spacious open floor plan condo

Carving out a stylish, dedicated space to host dinner parties in this open plan kitchen and dining room

Creating a comfortable space for guests to stay and work using all existing pieces

Nice meeting you!

Hi! My name is Laura Duchen, and I have moved over 25 times in my life.

I know what it's like to have your world turned upside-down with a major change or shift: it can be stressful ~ overwhelming ~ frustrating ~ disorienting. You can’t find anything; your space feels off; things are unbalanced.  But, I also know that transforming your home environment can make these experiences wonderful ~ fulfilling ~ fun ~ energizing ~ refreshing. I can help you experience these positive emotions.

Send me a message to schedule time to discuss your goals.
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